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Thursday, October 28, 2010 For an Affordable Yurt Experience

Portable, green, innovative yurts for a simple and direct yurt experience. Worth a look. Check them out!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yurt Work Shops in Vermont and Elsewhere 2011

The planning for several yurt building workshops is underway for 2011. Helping to build a simple 12 ft yurt gives a person an experience to build a larger yurt of their own, all at a very low material cost. The curriculum is shifting a bit to include green and sustainable coverings and framing by working with people from Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. Stay tuned for details.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Yestermorrow Yurt/ Your Costs To Own Today

Two 12 foot yurts, have been produced by 12 students in two day classes, twice this summer at Yestermorrow: Design/Build School.

Lumber prices today from Allen Lumber, Montpelier Vermont would look like this:

(80) 1"x3" x8' furring strips @ $1.16 ea. $ 92.80 for wall rods and rafters
(3) 2"x4" x8' @$2.64 ea. $ 7.92 for door frame
(4) 1"x4" x6' @$.47 linear ft $ 11.28 for door trim and frame support
(1) 3/4"x 4'x8' exterior plywood $ 26.17 for roof ring
(4) 2"x3" x8' @$2.12 ea. $ 8.48 for roof ring and roof ring supports
(36) 10x24 x2 1/2" machine screws, nuts,washers $ 31.68 for joining wall rods

Prices today from Sportsman's Guide:

1 roll, 300' parachute cord $ 25.00 for joining wall rods
2 French Military tow straps, 5 meters long, rated at 6,000 lbs. $30.00 for tension band

Total Cost for Yurt Frame with Tension Band: $233.33

Covering the Yurt today would cost:
From Wholesale.Tarp.Net
(5) 6'x8' 17 oz canvas tarps @ $22 ea. $110 for wall covering
(9) Heavy duty white poly tarps @ $5.50 $ 49.50 for roof covering
From Home Depot:
(2) 50' rolls of RhinoGrip Double Sided Carpet Tape @ $10 ea. $20 for joining roof panels
Stanley 3/8" Grommet Kit @$9 $ 9

Total cost to cover $188.50


A plastic dome for the yurt from Ez Tops/Global Plastic will run about $500 with shipping or you can make a dome from scrap plumbing pipe (comes in red or blue) Mongolian hunting yurt style, for no cost. Which one makes more sense, $500 or $0? The choice is yours!

The construction would also require nails and glue for the door frame as well as ropes and cord to lash the covering tarps down.

The whole deal is as simple as that.

Detailed plans of how to build these yurts, with a plastic dome or with a Mongolian hunting yurt dome, will be available November 15, 2010. Check this website for additional information in the coming days. Oh by the way, the plans will be in metric measurements as well as English measurements.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yurt Magic

Happy yurt dweller, Claire Wolfe, has posted an article today entitled Yurt Magic: Building an Enchanting Instant House at Backwoods Home Magazine. Could anyone say it better? Great article! Check it out. It is a must read for folks thinking of a used yurt.