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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colorado Yurts Builds the Ultimate Backcountry Shelter

Colorado Yurts has built the ultimate backcountry shelter called the Winter Stout Alpine Yurt. Check out Stout's slide show at

It is well worth the visit.

Snow loads can challenge yurt constructions. A cubic foot of snow weighs 10 pounds. In the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, snow can reach a depth of 5 feet on a yurt roof. On my 16 foot yurt that could come to 6 or 7 tons of weight. Stout's engineering takes snow load to even greater extremes and looks to me to be good for it.

Stout's center metal ring support reminds me of a Mongolian bagana or a "tree of life" that supports the roof ring and opens to the "eye of God." The center treatment is clearly functional, designed to hold many tons of snow, and is beautiful as well as functional. Bravo, Colorado Yurt Company! You make yurts with heart and courage. You are clearly expanding your product line into shelters for extreme conditions and for the people who thrive in them. I would love to see one of your Alpine Yurts at the top of Vermont's Bromley Mountain Ski Resort to greet backcountry skiers, boarders and hikers on their return.

Bruce W Sargent

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