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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jennifer McChristian's Ecstatic Oil Painting of Yurts/10 Ways Yurts Tranform You

Many yurt projects have kept me busy recently (study of my 16' yurt, planning a second 12' yurt for a workshop class, rewriting plans for building a 12' yurt) and I was happy to discover Jennifer McChristian Paintings of yurts to be a breath of fresh air. Her post was entitled Exquisitely Ecstatic Esalen Workshop. Seeing her yurt images in oil on canvas inspired me to continue to refine the the idea of a simple and direct yurt for providing homes. To engage the idea of yurts is to really change your relationship to shelter...yurt shelters move your being toward the
  1. Simple
  2. Affordable
  3. Sustainable
  4. Dry and well ventilated
  5. Warm/Cool in appropriate season
  6. Moveable
  7. Comfortable
  8. Natural World
  9. Spiritual World
  10. Ecstatic
Change your shelter and you will change yourself.


  1. Romantic version of a yurt in this oil to see her blog. Thanks for the connection.