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Monday, January 31, 2011

For Love of Yurts: The Book, 1st Anniversary

For Love of Yurts: Building a Yurt-Home for Under A $1000, has reached its first Anniversary. It has been a wonderful year and we would like to thank all those who have browsed the website and all those who have purchased the book, either paperback or ebook. We are grateful for your interest and your support.
In sharing our book, we begun to transforming human relationships to shelter and self. For yurt lovers everywhere, the book is still the best way to get an affordable yurt and is still the best way to learn about making the easiest to build, do-it-yourself, ultra simple, hand-made, yurt-home.
We have been working to improve the overall plan by researching Mongolian and Kazakhstani sources, experimenting with new methods and by exploring greener, more natural and more sustainable yurt coverings.
Thank you to all, who have helped make these efforts a huge success!

Bruce Wm Sargent
President of

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