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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prototype Yurt Model For Felters' Fling Conference Class

The above is a prototype yurt model for a yurt workshop to given at the Felters' Fling Conferance at Snow Farm, August 20-23rd. Students will gain a knowledge of yurt building by constructing a model of an actual camping yurt that will be on site. The experience is designed to free students to begin building their own dream yurt. A follow up class will teach student how to cover their yurts with felt, the original green and sustainable yurt covering material. Check out for details and costs:

Blue Vermont summer sky through the rafters and roof ring of the little model yurt. From this perspective it almost seems full size and "real" instead of a model.

Model building did teach me more about the Mongolian yurt design that uses straight wall rods that create an hour glass wall. The whole wall systems acts like a giant spring with each individual rod bent like an archer's bow. In the case of the model, all 40 wall rods contribute to a springy wall that drives the wall upward as well as inward, an internal force that meets the weight of the the roof ring and rafters. Amazing.

What really excites me about this little model is that when build full size, it will be a gem of a camping yurt. I don't think there is less expensive, simpler, more direct yurt on the planet. It will chart new territory.

If you have questions about the upcoming yurt workshop, please feel free to communicate with me at or my cell: 802-839-8497.

And there is an opportunity at this conference to learn the real deal about felt yurt covering from Annemie Koenen

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