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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowboarding and Yurting

Snowboarding, the most awesome winter sport, has been neglected by this blog. And I should know better. I worked with a man, James, who boarded with Terje Haakonsen at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire, when they were both thirteen. I have seen First Descent with James, over and over and over (impossible to get tired of it). I found a blog with the last post in 2007, that is a mind-blowing combination of snowboarding and yurting, posted by Forrest Gladding. Check it out at And find and befriend him on Facebook. The yurt he made appears to be home-made. The venue, that his yurt is placed in, is incredible. And the snowboarding? see for your self. The very best of yurting and riding. You can't do it better. Thank you, Forrest.

Bruce Sargent

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