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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Tono Is A Yurt Roof Ring

From the Vancouver Sun today a report of performance arts under a yurt roof ring, a "tono" in the Mongolian Language. The tono is the eye of God or an opening to the heavens. In the time of the old ways, Mongolian shaman would ascend. spiritually through the opening to travel to the heavens in quest of solutions to life's challenges.

Home is where the yurt is Tono explores the power of Mongolian shamanism, horse culture and music

"Searching for a unifying symbol for a dance work inspired by and about the horse culture and shamanism of the nomadic people of Central Asia, Sandra Laronde found it in the most important place of all for a Mongolian: the home.

Wei Jie, Morigen, Caihong are dancers performing in Tono by Red Sky Performance. A wagon wheel-like ton hangs at centre stage.

The indigenous people of the region live in yurts, which are circular, portable homes that can be quickly dismantled and moved to a new camp. At the top of each yurt is the ton — pronounced with a long “ o” similar to tone. About the size and shape of a wagon wheel, the ton is both an actual and symbolic connection to the world beyond. It can be opened to look to the night sky or closed to keep out rain and snow. The ton also represents both the order of the universe and of the human mind. It provides the structure to keep society functioning smoothly."

Bruce Sargent


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