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Monday, August 29, 2011

Felters' Fling 2011: Yurts and Fleece

At the recent Felters' Fling 2011 at Williamsburg, MA, students learned about the craft of yurt making by constructing models and covering them with felt. These homes may be the ultimate in cozy, warm and comfortable, and in green, low tech, sustainable, easy to build and fun construction.

Annemie Koenen instructs students in felt making and sewing felt covers. She is in absolute command of all of the wonderful things a single needle, hand stitching can do!

What the models represent at a 7.666 ratio of small to big. Don't you think the big one needs a felt cover? The likely name for the large one is "The Hobbit Yurt!"

HOO-RAH for the hard working students who made models. The time and work to make a model is at least equal to that required to make a full size ger/yurt.

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