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Monday, August 29, 2011


Its time to step up or step back on the TWORIVERSCENTER.ORG WORKSHOP in September. Consider writing the email or making the phone call to commit right now. (The recent storm in Vermont has knocked out my phone service. Call Martin at 802-223-1515 to join class).

Your participation supports kids learning to grow and eat good food. Your participation earns you plans and a know-how on making a real great yurt.

Sometimes it's not about the money; it's about being alive enough to do the right thing. See previous posts at this site for details.

Felters' Fling 2011: Yurts and Fleece

At the recent Felters' Fling 2011 at Williamsburg, MA, students learned about the craft of yurt making by constructing models and covering them with felt. These homes may be the ultimate in cozy, warm and comfortable, and in green, low tech, sustainable, easy to build and fun construction.

Annemie Koenen instructs students in felt making and sewing felt covers. She is in absolute command of all of the wonderful things a single needle, hand stitching can do!

What the models represent at a 7.666 ratio of small to big. Don't you think the big one needs a felt cover? The likely name for the large one is "The Hobbit Yurt!"

HOO-RAH for the hard working students who made models. The time and work to make a model is at least equal to that required to make a full size ger/yurt.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is It Possible to Make a 24 Yurt In Two Days?!?

OK. Building a 24 foot yurt that has some semblance to a US yurt company yurt and putting it up in two days edges into the impossible. This is what we are planning to do to help Two Rivers Center replace the Pacific Yurt they lost in last spring's flood. What we are counting on is this:
  1. We have an experience of producing three 12 foot yurts in two days in classes at at Yestermorrow and Spirit Hollow. Building a 24 foot yurt will use the same techniques in a larger format.
  2. We are counting on decades of experience in materials based education to organize this effort. Building the 24 foot yurt will require more organizational work before students arrive and more efficient communication to students about what is needed when they are doing the work.
  3. We are counting on a slightly bigger class size (a minimum of 16 students rather than 12) to get this done.

Why would we do this?
  1. Two Rivers Center really needs the yurt replaced to provide classroom space for its program which is a very worthy one.
  2. To demonstrate that the impossible is possible...that an individual, with a group of friends, can make a very good yurt in a weekend.
Our economy invites us to get the job done, in a can-do, no nonsense way. People need yurts. With hard work yurts can be had in a short amount of time. To answer the the question, "Is it possible to make a 24 foot yurt in two days?" We hope to show in our workshop that the answer is "Yes."

To get involved as a student or as a donor supporting the program or the material cost of building the yurt contact:

Martin Kemple 802-223-1515

Fees are $200 per person. Group Discount of 10% for 5 or more people. A few work-study arrangements are available.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Workshop to Replace Yurt Lost My Two Rivers Center

So today, while hiking, eight miles downstream from Montpelier, I found pieces of wall rods from the Pacific Yurt that was washed away from Two River Center by a spring flood...a yurt that my upcoming yurt building workshop in September will replace....what's with that? Life is an interesting mystery sometimes.